Anno: 2019
Comune: Bra (CN)
Potenza nominale: 2,56MWp
Ubicazione Impianto: Stabilimento Industriale
Tipologia moduli: SunPower P19 400 COM
Tipologia inverter: SolarEdge
Produzione annuale: +12,5% rispetto alla performance prevista dal Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS)


“- Arpa Industriale’s decision to install more than 6,000 photovoltaic panels at its production site in Bra is part of the company’s long-term approach to making sustainability a reality.

– Sustainability at Arpa is about common sense, a fact-based approach and full integration into business planning. Quantifying impacts is crucial. That’s why, through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, we measure three key environmental indicators: water footprint, global warming and primary energy demand. We set our priorities on the basis of the LCA studies. The installation of photovoltaic panels has been identified as one of the projects we could work on as part of our long-term goals.

– The aim of the project is to reduce the impact on the environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving significant energy savings.

– The system is expected to save the company 2,800,000 kWh in 2020. Based on 2018 energy consumption, we know it will provide 18% of Arpa’s energy consumption.”

Eng. Giovanni Battaglia – Maintenance and Engineering Manager of Arpa Industriale

FTV Industriale - Referenza Biotech Energia