Zero miles clean energy

We know, not all photovoltaic systems are the same. What we offer our customers is personalised consultancy, a “tailor-made suit” woven with the Biotech style, which embraces innovation, on the strength of the solid experience gained, which chooses the most efficient panels for you and, why not, also the most aesthetically suitable for the property, which, by assessing shaded areas, exposure and irradiation, favours the inverter best suited to your needs, which, with an accurate study of consumption, knows how to advise you on the most suitable power and the opportunity, if conditions are favourable, to combine it with a battery, a heat pump, or a charging station for electric or hybrid cars.

A cost/revenue statement, turnkey installation and the use of materials with the best guarantees on the market, nothing is missing except the answer to the simplest of questions: why install a photovoltaic system?

Firstly, it helps to reduce COշ emissions and energy imports from abroad, and, as is well known, it is a valuable tool in reducing costs, creating a clear economic return.

Through deduction, combined with the on-site exchange, the investment in an installation can pay for itself in less than 4 years.

Thanks to the latest generation panels, which offer a quality return for at least 30 years, every euro invested in photovoltaics can produce a cumulative return of at least five times the initial investment.

What should be combined with a photovoltaic system to maximise its yield?

    it allows the energy produced and not consumed at the time to be stored, which means that the withdrawal of electricity from the grid will tend to zero
    state-of-the-art devices, which, when combined with the AC panel, generate up to 50% more over 25 years than conventional systems
    intelligent devices that increase the yield of the system by around 25%
    a smart and profitable way to contribute to a significant energy revolution.
    The growing popularity of electric cars offers encouraging prospects towards greater environmental sustainability in the world of transport and also represents an attractive business opportunity in which to invest
    to produce free hot water, heating and summer air conditioning

The use of renewable energy sources, such as the sun, makes it possible to play an active role in protecting the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and the associated consequences of the greenhouse effect and global warming.
In addition, the non-use of fossil fuels means that it can be considered to all intents and purposes a method of energy generation that is sustainable in the long term, since it does not affect the planet’s dwindling stock of available resources.
Another peculiarity of the photovoltaic resource is the productive exploitation of otherwise unusable spaces, such as building roofs.

In addition, there is a not inconsiderable factor: the tangible and immediate cost savings.