You produce the electricity you need: you save on your electricity bill and reduce your CO2 emissions. We take care of everything else.

We have embraced the philosophy of respecting the environment and saving energy, because truly believe that it’s a necessary and conscious choice for the future.

A single point of contact for a turnkey photovoltaic system. Through our highly specialized team, which is an integral part of a technology hub focused on the research and development of cutting-edge solutions, we guide companies, private individuals and public bodies into the world of renewable energy, providing:


Understanding needs and focusing objectives are the only prerequisites for a successful project.

The evaluation phase is the first and best opportunity to make our services, experience and professionalism available to the client.

For this reason, we always carry out preliminary inspections, aimed at assessing:

  • Technical feasibility of the intervention: we gather all the information needed to fit the system solution into the existing context
  • Development of the plant engineering solution: we design the technical solutions and make the choice of materials and technologies to achieve the best performance
  • Analysis of the intervention including the economic framework of the investment: we assess in depth all the aspects related to the determination of the costs of construction and operation of the plants and the economic benefits generated

Who are we?

Biotech Energia was created in 2009 by a group of professionals who had been working in the sector for years and who see progress as positive change, because relying on renewable energy sources is the only way to safeguard the future.

Rising energy costs have made it increasingly necessary to break free from speculative electricity, oil and gas prices.
Our aim is to offer companies, families and public bodies a real, concrete and immediate opportunity to save and invest in the future.
Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency means using technologies that can generate significant economic benefits while protecting the environment.
In addition, the current legal provisions allow, thanks to the rewarding incentive mechanisms and tax deductions, the current legal provisions also allow a rapid payback of the investment costs incurred.

It is up to us to provide you with savings and income, to make you energy independent, to help you reduce your consumption, and to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, businesses, offices and homes.

All this with the side effect of fighting global warming.

Our experience and partnerships represent the

total decline of conventional photovoltaics