Solar For Life

Our customers benefit from the best warranties in the PV industry. Whether you choose SunPower Maxeon panels, our flagship line backed by an outstanding 40-year warranty, or SunPower Performance panels, our best value line backed by a 25-year SunPower Total Confidence Warranty, you can rest easy for decades to come.

Maxeon’s innovative solar panels produce more energy than standard panels and have the longest guaranteed lifetime in the industry: 40 years.

SunPower Maxeon Panel
40-year warranty for the Maxeon line

Introducing the longest warranty in the photovoltaic industry: the 40-year warranty on SunPower Maxeon panels. It’s as exceptional as the quality of our solar technology.
In fact, the risk of a return is 100 times higher for a standard panel than for a SunPower Maxeon solar panel. And because our warranty covers both the panel and its performance, it’s significantly easier to apply than standard warranties, in the unlikely event you need one.
Compared to other warranties, we also provide broader coverage including panel repair and replacement.

Maxeon customers know that they will always be satisfied and that they can save money for a lifetime. And together we can work towards a better future for the planet, with reliable and sustainable energy.


More energy, more convenience

SunPower Maxeon panels start producing more energy than standard solar panels from day one.

This translates into real savings throughout the long life cycle of your system.
Each panel is designed to maximise the conversion of sunlight into electricity for your home. How?

  • Operating at a lower temperature to increase production on hot, sunny days.
  • Capturing more sunlight in low light conditions to produce energy in the early morning, late evening and on cloudy days.

Combined with the industry-leading 40-year warranty, SunPower Maxeon panels multiply their value and ensure a better return on your solar investment.

The guarantee ensures that SunPower Maxeon panels will maintain their advantage in terms of efficiency and energy yield for longer than standard panels.

A safer investment

SunPower Maxeon panels are more efficient and last longer in variable weather conditions and in all climates.

Even when exposed to scorching heat, overcast skies or salty air, Maxeon solar panels will be more efficient for many years to come.
This innovative technology operates at lower temperatures, is crack resistant and captures more sunlight at dawn and dusk.
Plus, the performance of SunPower Maxeon panels is tested in real-world conditions, not just in the lab.

Maxeon offers you more energy and lasting convenience.

For a better future

No other panel combines the outstanding results and sustainability of SunPower Maxeon panels.

Now you can have the most sustainable solar panels on the market without sacrificing performance.
Maxeon solar panels are lead-free and made from recyclable materials in our resource-efficient production facilities. No wonder Maxeon panels have received several independent certifications for sustainability during manufacture.
And with an incredible 40-year warranty, they won’t need to be replaced for decades, which greatly reduces waste.

Each panel is designed with the absolute certainty of delivering more energy, reliability and savings over time, as evidenced by extensive independent testing, field data and the performance of more than 35 million SunPower panels installed around the world, to provide the best possible warranty and peace of mind.

40 years of lasting energy, the equivalent of 10 world cups or a new generation in a family business