Through our highly specialised team that is an integral part of a technology hub, whose focus is on the research and development of cutting-edge solutions, we guide companies, private individuals and public bodies into the world of renewable energies by providing:

  • examination and diagnosis of energy needs
  • identification of opportunities, including through the screening of calls for tenders or funding dedicated to the sector, in 2020 we were able to give our client companies access to funding totalling €4,600,000.00, of which 20% (+€900,000.00) was non-refundable
  • interventions planning
  • tailor-made design, through a detailed site assessment to provide highly customised ‘tailor-made’ solutions
  • construction and installation perfected by years of experience in the sector and by inexhaustible updates, indispensable in this sector that is constantly evolving, in January 2020 we inaugurated a 2.55 MWp plant, installed in 3 months and connected in less than 6 months
  • bureaucracy, we take care of all authorisations and incentive schemes, and we take care of the whole process
  • operational management and maintenance to maximize efficiency at all times
  • optimization through proactive monitoring, the control system provides advanced performance screening through immediate detection of faults at module, string and system level. The customer also receive access credentials to a monitoring portal that allows them to view their data on the web 24/7