Building a photovoltaic system makes you energy independent by benefiting from the energy radiated daily by the sun.

The skills and professionalism acquired in the sector allow us to propose high-efficiency systems, guaranteeing, through the use of the best materials and a personalised and accurate design, the highest energy yields for your system (kWh produced per kWp installed).

Our services include: design, supply of equipment, installation and fulfilment of all the bureaucratic procedures for obtaining authorisation and, where applicable, tax deductions and/or incentive tariffs, monitoring and maintenance (O&M).

How can solar energy help the company?

Solar energy can, as a rule, replace 50% of the consumption from the electricity grid with clean energy, and by means of a studied dimensioning, we have achieved, in some realities, a self-consumption close to 90%

Solar systems generally have a payback period of 4-6 years

  • Maximising business competitiveness
  • Reducing consumption and dependence on the grid by generating electricity on site
  • Generating new revenue streams, selling excess solar energy to the grid generates income for the company
  • Being a Sustainable Company, using a 100% renewable, carbon-free, silent source: the energy received and converted from the sun is an ecologically responsible option that helps combat climate change
  • Improving reputation on the market

An industrial photovoltaic system can be considered as a productive asset, which can only have positive results