Installing a photovoltaic system in your home to self-consume the electricity produced means making an active contribution to the energy transition and sustainable development of the country and provides a number of environmental and economic benefits:

  • Savings on the electricity bill, since part of the electricity consumption is met through self-consumption of electricity produced by the photovoltaic system and is therefore no longer taken from the public grid;
  • the valorisation of energy fed into the grid (i.e. produced but not consumed on site) through the mechanisms, managed by the GSE, of Scambio sul Posto (for photovoltaic systems up to 500 kW) and Ritiro Dedicato (as an alternative to Scambio sul Posto)
  • tax advantages, through tax deductions (IRPEF);
  • the reduction of its environmental impact (CO2emitted) as the energy produced comes from a renewable source.

On a social level, this translates into more democratic access to energy resources for individuals and represents a prospect of energy independence.