Extension of single-family Superbonus, there are 3 more months to increase the SAL to 30%: from 30 June to 30 September.

In the press release of yesterday’s Council of Ministers n.75/2022, reports on the new Aid Decree introducing urgent measures in the field of:

  • national energy policies;
  • business productivity;
  • investment attraction;
  • social policies;
  • Ukraine crisis.
Superbonus Extension

Superbonus will be granted to those who work on single-family buildings by 31/12/2022. The condition is that 30% of the planned work must have been carried out by 30 September. The previous limit was set three months earlier, at 30 June.
Those wishing to benefit from the 110% Superbonus will therefore have an extra 3 months to bring their SAL up to the minimum threshold of works required.

DL Aiuti: not only Superbonus

  • Energy

Measures to reduce their cost, simplify all authorisation procedures for new plants and boost domestic production.

  • Companies

Measures to ensure liquidity for entrepreneurs affected by the crisis in Ukraine, to cope with rising prices of raw materials and building materials, and to ensure productivity and attract investment.

  • Labour, social policies and services to citizens

Firstly, anti-inflation measures for workers and pensioners. Measures for local public transport, for leases (rental fund), for digital citizenship and also online accessibility services.

  • Local authorities

Measures to support Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and Provincial Capitals and to strengthen their investments, thus favouring their financial rebalancing.

  • Hospitality and economic support

Measures both for the benefit of war refugees received in Italy (temporary protection and reception of minors) and for the Ukrainian government (conversion of banknotes and loans granted to Ukraine).