The proposal of amendment 9.82 asks to delete from paragraph 8-bis of article 119 of the decree Rilancio (dl 34/2020 then law 77/2020) the following words: “provided that at the date of 30 June 2022 works have been carried out for at least 30 per cent of the total intervention”.

This would allow individuals to take advantage of the 110% tax break until 31 December 2022 for interventions on individual property units, without the limitation of having carried out at least 30% of the planned works by June, thus having greater flexibility to conclude the building renovation interventions.

This is the aim of an amendment to the Energy Decree, signed by all the group leaders of the majority forces; the measure, with more than 300 reported amendments, is being examined by the Environment and Production Activities Committees of the Chamber of Deputies.