The measure, financed with PNRR funds, aims to reduce the environmental impact of the agri-food chain, providing incentives for the installation of photovoltaic panels on a total surface area of 4, 3 million sq m, with an installed capacity of about 0.43 GW, while at the same time upgrading the structures concerned by removing asbestos on the roofs, where present, and/or improving the insulation and ventilation of the roofs concerned.

Who is it aimed at?

– Imprenditori Agricoli Professionali (IAP), as referred to in Legislative Decree no. 99/2004 and Legislative Decree no. 101/2005
– Directly-employed farmers (CD) enrolled in the agricultural insurance scheme
– Agro-industrial enterprises (ATECO code).

Persons exempt from VAT accounting (i.e. with an annual turnover of less than € 7,000.00) are excluded.

What projects can be funded?

The measures eligible for aid, to be carried out on the roofs of buildings used for agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial activities and listed in the land register of buildings, provide for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels, together with one or more of the following measures:

– removal and disposal of asbestos from roofs: this procedure must only be carried out by specialised companies, registered in the appropriate register and in compliance with the relevant regulations in force;
– creation of thermal insulation of roofs: the technical report of the qualified professional must describe and justify the choice of the degree of insulation foreseen in relation to the specific productive uses of the building; in the case of ventilated roofs, a radiant barrier must be present;
– creation of a ventilation system connected to the replacement of the roof (air gap): the professional report must describe and justify the ventilation methods envisaged according to the production use of the building; in any case, the ventilation system must be created by means of a ventilated roof and air evacuation chimneys.

Operations involving the construction of photovoltaic systems with a capacity of not less than 10 kWp are permitted, while the maximum capacity eligible for the incentive is 300 kWp.

For each beneficiary, the maximum eligible expenditure is € 250,000 excluding VAT.
The maximum specific eligible expenditure, with reference to the recognised interventions, is € 1,500.00/kWp.

The public intervention consists of a direct contribution to expenditure (non-repayable fund) of 65% of the maximum eligible expenditure, increased by a further 25% for young entrepreneurs.

The incentive will be granted on the basis of a “merit ranking” criterion on the basis of a score assigned according to the following priorities:

1) Already authorised interventions
2) Installation of a photovoltaic system intended for self-consumption to meet the company’s needs
3) Installation of a photovoltaic system with removal of asbestos, thermal insulation and construction of a ventilation system

The grant will be paid in two tranches:

– advance payment (up to 30%, with the issue of a guarantee)
– balance, following post-construction checks.