Building on what has been built in previous years, improving technology and performance

Potentially, in Italy, around 750,000 systems could have serious problems with their components. This is an opportunity to breathe new life into the installed photovoltaic park by offering the best technologies available today, while also making a strong contribution to achieving the Pniec targets (photovoltaics should increase from the current 21.6GW to 55GW by 2030).

O&M Revamping e Repowering - Biotech

Revamping is the process of maintaining/restructuring facilities to make them more efficient or to restore them to their original performance.

Repowering is the process of modifying/replacing components to increase their nominal power and annual production.

Revamping involves the replacement of modules and inverters and the integration of new technologies, without increasing the overall nominal power of the system, beyond small construction tolerances; conversely, repowering involves an increase in power with the addition of modules.

The approximately 650,000 photovoltaic systems installed in Italy from 2001 to 2014, which represent about 80% of the photovoltaic park in our country, are for the most part built under the Conto Energia scheme and benefit from incentives according to the terms provided by the GSE. Many of these systems have lost some of their productivity and efficiency over time due to natural wear and tear of components or a lack of attention to quality in the years of large incentives and as a result owners lose part of the incentives.

It has thus been calculated that a revamping of Conto Energia plants could lead to an increase in production of up to 30% more.

What does this mean?

  • Increased system performance
  • Increased economic benefits for the owner
  • Increased environmental benefits

Case study

Plant Pn=997.2kWp subject to Revamping intervention, incentivised in “II Conto Energia”

FTV SystemSection 1, 324kWpSection 2, 673,2kWp
New Nominal Power installed (kWp)324,72673,22
Module typeSunPower
Nominal Power410Wp410Wp
Nominal Power Tolerance-0/+5%-0/+5%
Type of cellMonocrystalline PERCMonocrystalline PERC
Temperature coefficient for Pmax (%/°C)-0,36-0,36
Fire reaction class11
Current production (kWh)
(average over the last 2 years)
Expected productivity in the first year (kWh)378.000785.000
of production
of production
Expected productivity at the end of the incentive (kWh)3.820.0007.930.000
of production
of production
Expected economic benefits in the first year:
(saving energy purchase + incentive + grid sale)
+ €54.000
compared to current benefits

+ €169.000
compared to current benefits
Expected economic benefits at the end of the incentive:
(saving energy purchase + incentive + grid sale)
+ €563.000
compared to current benefits
+ €1.752.000
compared to current benefits