The new generation of Performance panels arrives this summer

Higher power density, proven reliability, more energy over the life cycle.

With installations of more than 7 GW worldwide since
its introduction in 2016, the SunPower Performance line has proven its worth and convinced installers, project developers and investors worldwide. Today we present the first component of the latest generation of Performance panels: the double-sided Performance 6 COM S panel, with a power output of up to 510W and an efficiency of 21.4%.

Improved power density
With high efficiency, LeTid/LID-resistant photovoltaic cells (210 mm G12 cells), double-sided energy production, a lower temperature coefficient and conductive wires on the cell front that allow for better current pick-up, SunPower Performance panels are specifically designed to offer more total energy produced than standard solar panels.

Proven reliability
The unique overlapping-edge design maximises durability in all types of weather conditions, including reinforced connections between cells that withstand stresses such as daily temperature changes, redundant electrical paths that reduce the impact of cracks, and an advanced architecture that is more resistant to the effects of shade and mitigates hot spot formation.

SunPower Warranty Total Trust
Each SunPower Performance panel is designed with the absolute certainty of delivering more energy and reliability over time, and is covered by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Product and power warranty: 25 years
Minimum guaranteed yield in year 1: 98.0%
Maximum annual degradation: 0.45%


ideal for commercial applications


glass / framed glass


bifacial energy production