How to accelerate the company’s sustainable energy path?

Key Points

  • Anticipating market disruptions and energy price volatility by accelerating the sustainable energy transition will put your company in a strong position.
  • Identify the right partners to embark on this path.
  • Make your path personal and tailor-made.

The question is not whether or not to embark on a path to Net Zero. The question is what is the correct route for your company.

Customers, investors, regulators and society at large are demanding that companies move towards greater sustainability.

Although decarbonisation is now an imperative, the costs and efforts required to achieve it are balanced by commercial benefits:

  • less exposure to energy price volatility
  • greater resilience to energy shortages
  • new sources of income

How to move forward?

  • Working with trusted partners, external expertise is invaluable in achieving business goals. In addition to guiding you from a purely technical point of view
    • help you assess the external context, including available incentives and regulations
    • will guide you through the different options, which include government financing available to support green investments; private financing; operational leasing, with fixed-rate energy supply, etc.
  • Using data to create continuous feedback loops and processes that lead to continuous performance improvements. Remote monitoring systems allow you to be proactive and have continuous improvement
  • Ensuring operational excellence through partners who also take care of plant maintenance

There is no one-size-fits-all model for change, what works in one environment may not work elsewhere, which is why every step of the way is so important.