The energy shock resulting from higher gas prices and the consequent increase in bills are putting many businesses in a difficult financial situation, as well as many families

There are many entrepreneurs and private individuals who are looking to photovoltaics as a solution to their utility bill problems. Many requests are coming in, and all of them are being expressed with great urgency.

Today’s customers are much better informed, want quality and a guarantee that the system will perform at its best throughout its lifetime.

On average, the cost per kWp of a photovoltaic system has risen by around 20% in a year, but rising utility bills mean that the payback period for the investment is even lower than before Covid.

The convenience of kWh from photovoltaic sources is now clear and those who want to take advantage of it will have to approach this world with a time perspective that will require strategic planning, to cope with material shortages and work scheduling, by qualified installers, without the risk of putting themselves in the hands of the many new players who are entering our market, attracted by promising scenarios, but without the necessary know-how.