”Having a nuclear power plant in a densely populated area is a way of maximising the damage compared to the benefits: if an accident like Chernobyl had occurred in the Po Valley, we would have had three million people displaced”, the physicist explained,

”Italy is a country rich in sunshine, so it seems more reasonable to invest in solar energy”

”Italy is not a good place to build nuclear power plants: I am sceptical, this is the assessment of Nobel physics laureate Giorgio Parisi made during the event “Quark e glaciazioni. Conversando sul semplice e sul complesso” which took place today in Rome.

Another serious problem with nuclear power is waste: ”you have to manage them, not an easy job”, stresses the Nobel Prize winner. ”It is clear that there will be fourth-generation reactors, some of which promise to ‘eat’ waste in order to reduce it, but at the moment they are only prototypes. It is not yet clear how far fourth-generation nuclear power will go, while it is safer to invest in energy saving..