Yesterday was published the conversion into law of the so-called Energy Decree, dl 17/2022, in it there are many innovations for renewables, let’s see one of them.

Rooftop PV

Already today, no permits, authorisations or administrative acts of consent are required for the installation, by whatever means, of solar photovoltaic and thermal systems on buildings and on structures and structures above ground other than buildings.

The novelty of the decree is that permits are not even required for the construction of all works for connection to the electricity grid, including any upgrades and/or adjustments to the grid outside the areas of the aforementioned buildings or structures above ground.

Therefore, no constraints are placed in relation to:

  • length of network
  • underground characteristics or areas of the adjustments to be made

and also applies to areas outside buildings.

This could remove the need for grid and landscape authorisations for power line refurbishments during new connections for rooftop installations and above-ground structures.

An exception is made for systems installed in areas or on buildings of considerable public interest: in this case, installation is allowed subject to authorisation by the competent administration, in accordance with the cultural and landscape heritage code. Even in the presence of these constraints of notable public interest, it is still possible to avoid the need for landscape authorisation if the installation involves panels integrated into roofs that are not visible from outdoor public spaces and panoramic viewpoints, except for roofs whose coverings are made of traditional local materials.