First of all, there are various forms:

  • Air pollution: refers to the release of chemicals containing harmful particles
  • Water pollution: this concerns water supplies and the seas
  • Land pollution: refers to direct damage to land and soil

What is the main cause of environmental pollution?

Electricity production

As of 2016, two-thirds of the polluting gases released into the environment are produced by the electricity-related industry.

Why? Because today the most widely used source of electricity is fossil fuels, which cause a high emission of gases, such as carbon dioxide, and storage waste into the atmosphere.

The key role of energy consumption

As shown, the main cause of environmental pollution is linked to the non-renewable sources used to produce electricity. Reducing consumption is therefore a factor that will have a decisive influence on the future of the planet.

How to act?

There is a real culture linked to the concept of eco-sustainability: more and more people are paying attention, they want to reduce waste and optimise energy consumption, they choose what and from whom to buy also on the basis of the environmental footprint left by companies.

Exploiting renewable sources of energy, such as solar, wind and water power is the choice we are called upon to make, an action that can no longer be postponed to the future, because the future is today.