Current photovoltaic market.

As you may have read in other articles, SunPower has launched a new photovoltaic concept on the market, with AC modules and integrated microinverters. Today we will not consider these modules, because there are no products on the market to compare them with, but we will refer to the traditional Maxeon.

When we talk about the best ‘high-efficiency’ photovoltaic panels around, we refer to SunPower panels, which have the following characteristics:

  • Monocrystalline silicon structure
  • Absence of metal grating greater absorption surface area and improved aesthetics
  • Copper base increased conduction they convert more solar energy
  • Anti-corrosion barrier excellent performance
  • Full 40-year warranty.

How do you measure efficiency and performance?

Photovoltaic cells work thanks to the photovoltaic effect, i.e. the ability of certain materials to convert solar energy into electricity.

In the process, it is inevitable that some of the solar energy is lost (e.g. in the form of heat); the most efficient photovoltaic panels are therefore those that disperse less energy, which therefore have a higher rate of return (energy produced/energy captured).

Benefits of the latest generation of photovoltaic panels

If photovoltaic panels are able to convert more energy than older panels, the energy savings they allow are much higher.

For the same amount of sunlight and irradiation, they will be able to produce more electricity, simple as that.

Comparison: Maxeon vs Classic Monocrystalline