SunPower AC energy solutions

If you want a photovoltaic system, turn to people who have been doing photovoltaics all their lives.

SunPower AC modules combine the world’s best photovoltaic technology (backed by more than 35 years of experience in this field) with microinverter performance to maximise roof potential.

What a microinverter is?

It is a small electronic device, located on the back of the photovoltaic panel. Its main task is to convert the electric current produced by your panels from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The microinverter makes each panel independent and replaces the larger string or central inverters usually used to connect panels in series.

The outcome?

Increased reliability over the lifetime of your system, with the industry’s longest warranty (40 years), improved productivity in real-world conditions, and improved appearance, thanks to a simpler, more streamlined system design.

Simple and intuitive real-time monitoring allows you to visualise system performance and its impact on the environment anywhere, anytime.

AC modules offer a versatile design to optimise your roof:

  • adapts the system to the specific roof profile
  • avoids roof obstructions, which can produce shadows on the panel and decrease efficiency
  • eliminates the unattractive equipment and wiring required to connect panels in series

AC modules give you the flexibility to easily extend and expand your system as your energy needs evolve.

AC modules ensure greater system reliability.

In a conventional system, a single inverter controls the output of the entire PV system: a single-point-of-failure design. SunPower AC modules increase the overall reliability of the system by distributing the risk among all panels equipped with microinverters.

AC modules offer high performance in real-world conditions.

In a conventional system, the performance of the system depends on that of the weakest panel, which dramatically reduces productivity in shaded or other real-world conditions.

The performance of each SunPower AC module is individual, so that each panel contributes its full potential to the operation of your system.