Piemonte Region Call for Proposals: 80 million euro for small and medium-sized enterprises

Making the production process more energy efficient. The operational call is scheduled for May 2023

The total resources, drawn from the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2027, will be allocated as follows:

  • 50 million for the digital transition of enterprises
  • 30 million for the efficiency enhancement of the production system

The resolution of the Regional Council approving the call for proposals states that the subsidies will be granted to support projects for the digitalisation or production efficiency enhancement of enterprises, with eligible expenses of no less than €50,000 for small enterprises, €100,000 for medium-sized enterprises, and €250,000 for mid-capitalisation enterprises, and in any case no more than €3 million.

The objective of the measure is to support organic investment programmes aimed at innovating the production process in order to

  • create more sustainable products
  • make the production process more efficient, including in terms of energy, the environment, use of resources and safety.