The next generation of the Maxeon family of panels is scheduled to arrive in June 2022.

The new Maxeon 6 offers up to 435W in its AC version with white backsheet, 425W in the AC Black version and 475W in the commercial version.

And like all panels in the Maxeon range, the new Maxeon 6 panels come with the new SunPower 40-year warranty for reliable power for life!

More total energy produced
Designed to maximise energy production through excellent power density,
higher performance at high temperatures and performance at high temperatures
and increased energy conversion in low irradiation conditions such as low
conversion in low light conditions such as mornings, evenings and overcast skies.
morning, evening and overcast conditions.

Reliability without compromise
Designed to operate in all types of weather conditions: with
crack-resistant cells and reinforced connections that protect it
from overloading and corrosion. Thanks to the microinverter, each panel
can function independently to reduce the impact of shadow and
improving system performance.

Higher sustainability
Clean materials, responsible production and the ability to generate power for 40 years
make SunPower Maxeon panels years make SunPower Maxeon panels the most sustainable choice in solar.

The longest warranty in the industry

SunPower Maxeon panels are backed by a 40-year warranty, supported by extensive
independent backed by extensive independent testing and field data from over
33 million panels installed worldwide.



Product and performance warranty: 40 years
Guaranteed minimum yield in year 1: 98.0%.
Maximum annual degradation: 0.25%.
Microinverter covered by Enphase limited product warranty: 25 years