Target Decarbonisation.

Companies carrying out industrial, agro-industrial, craft, industrial services and research activities are eligible to apply for the incentive.

Financial facilities and non-repayable contributions to support industrial investments aimed at implementing research, development and innovation projects for the ecological and circular transition.

A total of EUR 750 million in resources are available.

Companies may apply for the incentive if they submit projects – including joint projects – of industrial research and experimental development aimed at developing new products, processes or services or at significantly improving them, with particular regard to the objectives of:

  • decarbonisation of the economy
  • circular economy
  • reducing the use of plastics and replacing plastics with alternative materials
  • urban regeneration
  • sustainable tourism
  • adaptation and mitigation of risks to the territory from climate change.

The projects must provide for expenses and eligible costs of no less than EUR 3 million and no more than EUR 40 million, be carried out on national territory, have a duration of no less than 12 months and no more than 36 months and be launched after the submission of the application to the Ministry of Economic Development.

Decree, signed also by the Minister of Economy and Finance, has been registered by the Court of Auditors and is in the process of being published in the Official Gazette, while a subsequent ministerial measure will indicate the terms and conditions for the submission of applications by companies.