Installation of a Pn=1.003MWp photovoltaic system on the roof of the Dierre Tredi production unit, a leading manufacturer of civil and industrial closures in the world, at the Villanova D’Asti (AT) plant.

Roofing area: 15,597sqm, including areas that are not practicable due to the presence of skylights, rainwater drainage channels and elements constituting safety devices for work at height.

Annual energy consumption: approximately 3,252,525 kWh/year, resulting in 1,408,994 kg of COշ emissions.

The construction of the plant will allow for the reduction of electricity withdrawal from the grid and the consequent reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere.

The main challenge for the construction of the plant was to find a technical solution to comply with VVFF regulations. To this end, a custom-made inclined structure was designed, with very low weight loads, which we then had made by Bertero Mario srl, our customer, who then became a strategic collaborator in the realisation of carpentry works.

Another goal achieved was to be in time to participate in the call for Bando Finpiemonte.


Start of work for realisation of structure -> August 2022

Completion of work for realisation of structure -> until October 2022

Realisation of photovoltaic system -> from mid-October to mid-December 2022