O&M – Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems

Without proper and regular maintenance, photovoltaic systems are subject to declines in performance and increased wear and tear due to environmental or atmospherics agents. This can irreversibly effect energy production, system efficiency and returns on investment.

Biotech offers Operation and Maintenance services (O&M) services that allow you to maximize energy production while preserving the complete and efficient functionality of your equipment.
The photovoltaic systems Biotech currently operates and maintains have a total power generation capacity of 12MWp.
Our O&M services are designed according to the needs of each specific customer/system. These services include:
• Remote system monitoring and reporting of production data
• Periodic checking of electrical parts and metal structures, thermographic analysis, yield testing and productivity index (PR) measurement using certified equipment
• Emergency services within 24 hours of an alarm signal
• Management of security services, video and human surveillance
• Meeting bureaucratic requirements, regulatory changes, and practical measures and services required by AEEG, the Italian Customs Agency, ENEL and GSE
• Cleaning/washing of photovoltaic modules
• Scheduled maintenance of inverters, switchboards, transformer substations, service equipment and systems
• Landscaping, grass mowing and snow removal around photovoltaic modules
We also offer O&M services that include “GUARANTEED PRODUCTION”. This means providing guaranteed assurances (in the form of insurance) and possible financial compensation for amounts of energy not produced.

Contact us without any obligation. Our technicians are at your complete disposal to carry out an inspection and preliminary analysis.



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