Cogeneration and Biogas

Cogeneration involves the simultaneous production of heat and electricity, starting from a single energy source (biomass, manure, vegetable oil, gas, hydrocarbons, etc.).

A cogeneration system makes maximum use of fuel potential and combustion processes. It minimizes energy loss, increases productivity and reduces pollutant emissions, while producing the same amount of energy.


A cogeneration system:
• allows the end user to gain significant cost savings and/or energy production (electricity and heat);
• has important benefits in terms of environmental impacts;
• is associated with important economic incentives recognized by the GSE.


Our services include design, feasibility studies, supplies and system installation, fulfilling all the bureaucratic procedures needed for authorization of titles and, where applicable, to obtain tax deductions and/or GSE incentives.
We guarantee that the services we offer use the best technologies for each project and those best matching the requirements of each system.


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