BIOTECH s a point of reference in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector for companies and public and private sector entities.
It is comprised of a group of professionals capable of meeting any need in the areas of PHOTOVOLTAICS, SOLAR THERMAL SYSTEMS, HEAT PUMPS, HOME AUTOMATION, WIND POWER, COGENERATION and BIOGAS.
BIOTECH develops and manufactures “turnkey” systems, starting with a preliminary consultation and feasibility study through to the design stage, obtaining required authorizations, installation, testing and putting systems into operation.
BIOTECH is also able to assist end users in the operational management of systems by offering scheduled maintenance contracts and services to help complete all the technical and bureaucratic requirements specified under current regulations.

Continued rising energy costs have made it increasingly urgent to finds ways of escaping the negative impacts of volatile electricity, oil and natural gas prices.

Our goal is to offer companies, public entities and families a real, concrete and immediate opportunity for savings while investing in the future.

Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency means using technologies that generate substantial economic benefits while safeguarding the environment..
Existing laws also present incentive mechanisms and tax deductions that allow a rapid return on investment costs incurred.
BIOTECH can guarantee you savings and income recovery while making you energy independent. We can help you reduce your energy consumption and improve energy efficiency in buildings, businesses, offices and homes.


BIOTECH offers you a comprehensive level of quality. Our systems are fitted with the best equipment and technology available on the market today.
Our design and O&M services always ensure the best performance.
The quality of our systems serve as a guarantee on your investment.

Request an inspection

The evaluation phase provides us with an initial and ideal opportunity to present our services, experience and professionalism to customers.

For this reason, BIOTECH always carries out free site surveys aimed at doing a preliminary assessment of:
• Technical feasibility: we collect all the information needed to integrate system options into the existing context;
• Developing system options: we design and implement technical options and choose the materials and technology needed for achieving the best performance.
• Analysis of the planned activity including economic investment aspects: we thoroughly evaluate all aspects linked to construction and system operating costs and the economic benefits that may be generated.

Understanding the requirements of a particular setting and having focused objectives are the main prerequisites for a successful project.