Sonnen manufactures high-tech storage systems of the highest quality and guarantees.

Sonnen is not only one of the world’s largest manufacturers of storage systems (more than 23% market share and number one supplier of residential storage systems with more than 40,000 machines installed) but it’s also a utility and electricity service provider.

Sonnen uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries: these batteries offer greater longevity and safety than other lithium ion technologies.

By installing a Sonnen storage system you can immediately achieve 75% – 80% energy self-sufficiency and, by adhering to the sonnenCommunity promotion – special offer “sonnenFlat 1500 Zero Residual Bill” you can achieve total savings (100%) of the annual costs for the purchase of electricity (fixed costs and RAI fee excluded).

In accordance with this proposal, the Sonnen storage system is designed to be as durable as possible over time, and these are its key features:

  • 10 years warranty / 10,000 charging cycles (equivalent to more than 25 years)
  • Versatile and expandable at any time (from 5kWh to 25kWh)
  • Check via smartphone/pc of the entire home electrical system (photovoltaic, grid and storage system)
  • System certified for installation in a domestic environment due to its very high safety level

Biotech supports you in all phases of installation and operation of the storage system: from consumption analysis and sizing to installation and commissioning of the system.

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